We thank you for trusting us to lead our church family. It’s our goal to do so with wisdom and openness to realize our Ministry Plan for the 2018 / 2019 year.

To do that well requires information from the family about our available resources. This commitment card is your way of telling us (anonymously) what investments your household is willing to make with your prayers, your time, and your finances.

The full details of the Ministry Plan are available at the usher's table in the gym or on the web at www.lbccjm.org/MinistryPlan. Please review the plan and follow up with the staff with any questions, comments, or concerns you have. You can contact the church office at 970-660-4078.

Once you have the information you need, please pray about the Ministry Plan and what investments you can make to help this plan become reality.

When you are ready, please fill out this commitment form and press "Send". Your answers will be anonymously sent to Pastor Steve. Please submit this by July 8. If you have already turned in a card please do not fill out a second.

Prayer Commitment
You are invited to commit to praying for our church family in the year ahead: that we walk in step with the Spirit and that we glorify God through our involvement in our community.
I/We commit to praying consistently for our church family.

Partnership Commitment
You are invited to become a Ministry Partner by joining a ministry team and investing at least 3 hours per month.
I/We commit to becoming (or continuing as) a Ministry Partner on the following Ministry Team(s):

(Please contact the leader of that team to get involved using information on this website or in the bulletin).

Financial Commitment
You are invited to support the ministry of our church family through financial investment.
My household approves the 2017/2018 Ministry Plan. We commit to financial support throughout the year at a rate of per

My household is not making a financial commitment at this time.

No Commitment
My household does not support the new Ministry Plan.
We would appreciate an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns. Please contact us:

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