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LifeKids is a fun and interactive experience where kids and families learn to discover, grow in, and live out God’s grace! Each weekend, kids are on an expedition through the Bible in age-appropriate rooms. Kids are guided on this journey by our caring staff and volunteer leaders.

We believe that their participation in LifeKids is only a small part of your child’s spiritual journey; the majority of their discovery should continue at home during the week. Our desire is to assist you in your important role of leading you kids spiritually, so each weekend we provide take home sheets that show you what your child learned. There are discussion questions and activities your family can use to keep conversations going. In addition, when you register your family with us and provide an email, we will send you a family connect sheet each week to support you as you lead your kids.

We know bringing your child to a church can be uncomfortable, so we’ve provided some information for you below to help you know what to expect.

What to expect from us while you are with us

Thank you for trusting us with your children. We take this responsibility very seriously and will do our best to honor your trust. Your child is the focus of our time and attention while you’re here. Our primary concern is your child’s safety. We have several procedures in place to insure the integrity, character, and competence of our staff and volunteers, including a complete and thorough background investigation for every LifeKids worker. If there is an emergency during the service, we will evacuate your child to a safe location and work to get them reunited with you as quickly as possible. You can help this process by following the instructions for evacuation communicated to you where you are.

Our second most important concern with your child is sound Biblical instruction. We do this at an age appropriate level in a very fun and interactive manner. Our goal is to partner with you to help raise a generation of children who will trust God, make wise choices, and treat others well. Each week includes a game or activity, a lesson, and a take-home item that helps remind them of the main point of the day.

If you have any questions or concerns about the LifeKids Program, please speak with the teacher in your child’s classroom, the LifeKids coordinator, or the lead pastor.

What we expect from you

We desire to see your children love God with all their heart, all their soul, all their mind, and all their strength. We encourage you to get engaged in the process and here are several key ways:

  • Ask questions of the teachers and helpers about what lesson was learned that day.
  • Review the take-home item(s) with your child and discuss what they learned.
  • Encourage them to ask questions – you don’t have to have the answers – then explore the questions together with the help of the LifeBridge staff and volunteers.

We also ask that you:

  • Help us maintain a healthy environment for all the kids. Please review our well-child information (obtained from the teacher on your request) and if your child appears ill please don’t bring them.
  • Make the difficult, but effective, decision to walk away even if your child is having a hard time going to class. You’d be amazed at how quickly they settle down and have fun when mom and dad aren’t around. If your child continues to have difficulty, we will notify you through the number tag you pick up when you drop off your child.
  • Consider volunteering in a LifeKids classroom. Experiencing the learning environment is the best way for you to understand and feel confident about our ministry. You don’t need experience or education – just a loving spirit for kids and a desire to have fun!

Class Room Rules

In LifeKids I can:

  • Obey my teacher
  • Raise my hand when I want to speak
  • Keep my hands and feet to myself
  • Respect others and the things around me

Positive Consequences:

  • Learn about God
  • Know I’ve done a good job
  • Surprise treats

Negative Consequences:

  • Warning from my teacher
  • Time-out in my class
  • One-on-one with the Coordinator on duty
  • Get my mom or dad (and have to leave class)
LifeKids Motions

What is motion? Webster’s dictionary defines motion as “the act or process of changing position; a purposeful movement of the body or a bodily part.” Who better to physically demonstrate motion? Children! From sun-up to sun-down, even in-between, they are moving; their little bodies are in motion.

LifeKids Motion gives the children an opportunity to move in their faith, to be actively growing in their relationship with God, to build closer friendships with each other, and to change position in their homes, schools, and the community. Throughout the year, we will be hosting many different Motion events for the children of our church family. This could be anything from picnic/movie days to volunteering their time helping clean up someone’s yard. We will also be encouraging the kids to move in their faith by inviting a friend, neighbor, or classmate to our events. What a wonderful way to reach out to those who may not know Christ.

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